Each young person will be allocated a Project Support Worker, irrespective of their level of independence. All young people will be offered an educational assessment with our qualified teacher and an education plan which may include group and one to one tutoring.

Areas of independence young people will be expected to develop, with support are:

  • Managing limited finances
  • Shopping on a low budget
  • Food and hygiene 
  • Cooking low budget healthy meals
  • Health & Safety
  • Living independently
  • Self-care and hygiene
  • Household hygiene
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Managing emotional wellbeing
  • Developing social skills for community integration
  • Dealing with organisations
  • Identifying and accessing community resources
  • Home start skills

Support sessions will usually be held weekly (minimum) and will focus on young people’s lives as a whole. 
House meetings are held regularly and all young people are encouraged to attend and participate. 

Project Support staff are on site throughout the week, and all houses have sleep in/wake in night staff.
Young people moving on from Genesis Support Services into their own accommodation will be offered outreach sessions to support their transition to independent living.